About us

A PKI Consulting

PKI Consulting was founded by Viviane Bertol and Fabiano Menke. Over their professional careers, they were hired to act together in many projects and some of the them, representing the brazilian government. Both are dedicated to safety of information and, essentially, to projects involving cryptography, identification and digital authentication. Their activities are complementary: Viviane acts in technology and conformity and Fabiano is one of the majors Brazilian experts in PKI and eletronic documents. There was many projects that they act, that they decided to create PKI Consulting and establish once and for all this successful partnership. 
Check below a summary of their trajectories.


Viviane Bertol

Consultant in digital certification, with Master’s degree and PhDin this area by the University of Brasilia.

Worked in the National Institute of Information Technology, in the Coordinator-General of Audit, Inspection, Standards and Research, having participated in the development of auditing methodologies and performed audits in Registration and Certification Authorities. Participated in the elaboration of several regulations of ICP-Brasil. Operates in consulting projects for the European Union and Mercosul.

Fabiano Menke

Lawyer, consultant and professor at UFRGS, where obtained the title of Master’s degree in law from the defense work “The eletronic signature in the Brazilian law”.

Doctor in law from the University of Kassel , Germany, where he defended a comparative thesis about Public Key Infrastructure and legal value of eletronic documents in the Brazilian and German legal systems. He was the first Chief Prosecutor of ITI. Acts as a legal consultant of Certification and Registration authorities in Brazil.